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James Bond Visual Effects Artist Receives Groundbreaking Honour

The Visual Effects Society's UK chair, Omeira director Brooke Lyndon-Stanford, honours Jim Broadbent and Steve Begg at the inaugural UK Visual Effects Society Awards. Read here 

UK Hails Record Year For Film Industry Tax Relief

The Chancellor and BFI laud a record 2015 for the UK film industry, with the film tax relief generating close to GBP12.50 for every GBP1 spent. Read here 

Cineworld Beats Piracy To Have a Blockbuster Year

Despite the rise of downloads, cinema is is having a blockbuster 2015 with admissions at the highest levels since the 1970s. Read here 

The Unstoppable Rise of Independent Films

The Financial Times explains why it's an exciting time for UK independent film, where award winning talent is contributing to commercial and critical success on smaller budgets. Read here

TV Production Rises by 87 Percent

A recent Evening Standard article explains how UK production tax incentives have generated £6bn for the UK economy. Read here 

Could Films Present the Next EIS Solution?

The Financial Times Adviser explains how EIS film investments can be secure, low risk and tax efficient. Read here

Government Remains Committed to Film EIS and UK Production Tax Credit

The BFI fully distances Film EIS from so-called 'film partnerships'. Read here 


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