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The British film industry is performing well and now offers some outstanding opportunities for investors. Omeira Studio Partners is a film production company that mitigates production risk with the reassurance of a confirmed route to market. Film production qualifies for EIS reliefs in the UK. 

The collaboration of some of the best minds in film finance and distribution, and Endeavour Ventures, a successful venture capital firm, enables Omeira Studio Partners to focus on film as a saleable product in a way that Hollywood has always done: we produce films that will have distribution in place before commencing production. 

We’re utilising new ways of monetising distribution including Mobile & Video on Demand

Investment Opportunity

The international film market is very large and fast growing, and UK independent films are performing well. Despite this, there is a significant lack of finance available since the banking crisis of 2008.

The international filmed content market is changing and diversifying. New revenue platforms such as Video-on-Demand and mobile are maturing, and new international distribution channels are opening up. Given Omeira's distribution expertise, we believe it is an exciting time to begin producing and capitilizing on filmed intellectual property.

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Key Features

Each film investment will be backed by a combination of the EIS benefits, government tax incentives, and financial guarantees from the Studios and other reputable third parties over territorial distribution licenses. No film will be approved for finance unless its budget is covered to the satisfaction of the Investment Committee.

By using the EIS and the UK government’s new film tax incentive, which is a payment to production companies of up to 20% of the film’s cost, the tax benefits offered by the Company are well established and in no way controversial. 

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Omeira Studio Partners is expanding into new territories, technologies, devices and platforms.

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Investment Memorandum

Contact us for more information or to request a copy of our EIS information memorandum.

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Screening Events

We regularly hold film screenings for current and potential investors. Contact us for event information. 

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