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Why is Omeira Studio Partners different to other film EIS companies?

Omeira Studio Partners benefits from a proven track record in film financing, production, sales, and distribution, and has active and recognised relationships with leading Studios and distributors. Nevertheless, we believe that it is our 'distribution-pull' approach to film-making which truly sets us apart.

What does 'distribution-pull' mean?

This 'distribution-pull' approach means that Omeira Studio Partners will not board any projects that don't already have deals in place with distributors. The projects funded will therefore have been chosen and effectively pre-approved for distribution, and Omeira Studio Partners mitigates its risk by only investing in these Studio distribution backed productions. We believe this approach is unique amongst British production companies.

Why is it an exciting time for filmed intellectual property?

In recent years new international distribution platforms have been developed, such as mobile and Video-on-Demand, and new revenue streams have matured. With Omeira Studio Partners' established distribution relationships, we feel it is a very exciting time for filmed intellectual property.

What is the Enterprise Investment Scheme?

The Enterprise Investment Scheme ("EIS") is a government scheme designed to assist qualifying small and medium sized companies to raise capital. To this end, it offers a range of tax reliefs to investors who subscribe for qualifying shares in these companies.

Why has there been negative press about some film schemes in the past? Is Omeira Studio Partners different?

Schemes that have attracted negative comment have typically been aggressively structured from a tax perspective, and highly leveraged. HMRC has taken action to close various such schemes, and will continue to do so. In contrast, Omeira Studio Partners uses EIS, which is non-controversial, and uses no debt. What's more, we believe that our 'distribution-pull' approach, with its guaranteed distribution agreements, means vastly reduced risk compared with other film schemes.

Is EIS safe and will it be remain part of government policy?

Once EIS approval is granted it cannot be withdrawn, provided that the rules are followed. EIS has been a key policy for successive governments and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.

What part of the process am I investing in, and when will payouts occur?

Investment will take place only in highly developed properties that already have distribution backing, with the Studios putting up part of the budget. These are thus 'turnkey projects' that will go into production as soon as all the finance is raised. Investments are structured with aim of delivering returns to the company within 3 years.

How much is Omeira Studio Partners seeking to raise, and how many films do you intend to make?

Omeira Studio Partners is seeking to raise up to £5m and make 2 to 3 films.

Naturally hit cases are not every day, but if one comes along, what can investors expect to earn?

At least 3 times their investment after tax, not including on-going royalty streams. Some films earn royalties for many years. The returns are even greater for jackpot cases, such as The King's Speech.

What happens if the films make no money?

The loss to investors would be 6%, which is the fundraising fee less tax relief on the loss.

What is the minimum investment?


How much is being earned out of the raise?

There is a 6.5% arrangement and marketing fee, much of which will be paid away in commissions.

What are the annual management fees?

None. No one will receive a salary until a film is produced, when those who are working on the production will receive fees from the film's budget.

What is management's profit share?

25% after investors recoup their investment, and 50% after investors gross 150% (including their EIS relief).

Why do you not mention specific film projects?

We have many projects available at any one time due to our relationships with Studios and distributors. Our 'distribution-pull' approach means that we need agreements in place with Studios and third parties before final approval. We will therefore wait until fully funded to choose the best of these distribution-backed projects.

Can I get credits on films?

If you are a large investor, of course.

Can I go to events related to the films produced?

You would be most welcome, and we will be regularly in touch with you to let you know about screenings and events. Your involvement makes the films possible, so we would be only too keen to have you along.


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