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Omeira Studio Partners is a collaboration between accomplished UK film industry professionals and Endeavor Ventures Limited, an FCA regulated venture capital company which has sourced investment of £45m into EIS qualifying companies since 2006.

The executive team has production credits including The King’s Speech and Moon. The team also has a wealth of distribution expertise, having distributed over 1,000 films between them, including When Harry Met Sally and The Madness of King George.

The international film market is very large and fast growing, and UK independent films are performing well. Despite this, there is a significant lack of finance available since the banking crisis of 2008.

The international filmed content market is changing and diversifying. New revenue platforms such as Video-on-Demand and mobile are maturing, and new international distribution channels are opening up. Given Omeira Studio Partners' distribution expertise, we believe it is an exciting time to begin producing and capitilizing on filmed intellectual property.


Key Features

Each film investment will be backed by a combination of the EIS benefits, government tax incentives, and financial guarantees from the Studios and other reputable third parties over territorial distribution licenses. No film will be approved for finance and production unless its budget is covered to the satisfaction of the Investment Committee.

By using the EIS and the UK government’s new film tax incentive, which is a payment to production companies of up to 20% of the film’s cost, the tax benefits offered by the Company are well established and in no way controversial. The Company will not have any debt.

The directors have many years of practical experience in film sales, distribution and production in both the UK and US, and enjoy long standing, active relationships with the Studios and major independent distributors.

Each film will be a standalone commercial proposition that could be produced without the EIS.


About EIS

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (“EIS”) is a government scheme designed to assist qualifying small and medium sized companies to raise capital. To this end, it offers a range of tax reliefs to investors who subscribe for qualifying shares in these companies. EIS tax reliefs potentially available to subscribers of eligible shares issued by qualifying companies are: Income Tax Relief, Capital Gains Tax Exemption, Inheritance Tax Relief, Capital Gains Tax Deferral Relief, and Loss Relief.

More information on the specifics of EIS can be found by visiting the websites below.

HMRC www.hmrc.gov.uk/eis/index.htm
Enterprise Investment Scheme Association www.eisa.org.uk/
Endeavour www.endven.com



EIS Benefits

Investors over 18 who are UK resident taxpayers are able to claim the following benefits:

  • 30% income tax relief, reducing the net cost of investment to 70p per £1 invested.
  • The opportunity to defer Capital Gains Tax on capital gains realised within three years before or up to 12 months after investments are made.
  • No Capital Gains Tax payable on gains realised after three years.
  • Investments held for more than two years qualify for relief from inheritance tax.
  • If shares are realised at a loss, that loss can be set off against income in the year of disposal or previous year. This means that a 45% taxpayer with sufficient income is only at risk on 38.5p per £1 invested.


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